Your Name – The Anime Classic is back – IMAX Screenings from Wednesday 23rd August 2017

I saw this film originally last year, after being recommended by friends and family that it was a fantastic movie. The fact that it is returning to the big screen, does not surprise me at all!

It’s one of those films that leaves you with a good ‘feeling’ rather than just a conclusion, i’m sure most can remember how they felt after seeing this film for the first time, it’s hard for me to put the exact ‘feeling’ I get into words, but, let’s just say, I took the opportunity to see it again on the big screen last week, almost as an experiment to see if I would feel ‘it’ again…..I did.

If you didn’t catch this film, or don’t know or remember much about it, here is the trailer… (Don’t be put off by the subtitles if subtitles is not your thing – I promise it’s worth it 😉 )

Responsible for both the screenplay and directing is the talented Makato Shinkai.


We meet Taki and Mitsuha, living in different parts of Japan, both trying to shake off a feeling that they’ve had a very weird dream, about someone else’s life, their respective friends, inform them of their odd behaviour over the same period of time, so they both start paying more attention….then they realise…they’ve been swapping lives! 😮

This realisation, obviously requires some ground rules to be put in place, but can they trust each other to stick to them?

Taki (voiced by Ryunosuke Kamiki ) & Mitsuha (voiced by Mone Kamishiraishi)The bigger question is – Why is this happening to them?

The answer is far more complicated than they imagine.


This is a fun, feel-good feel film, that will make you want to watch it again. It has some very humorous moments and also some tear-jerking ones.

Few could argue that it’s not exquisitely drawn, it’s such a beautiful film. The soundtrack has a great balance of melodic piano music and rock music, which is complementary to the twisting plot.

A  great bank holiday treat – Get to your local IMAX and see this film, you’ll be glad  that you did 😉

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Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams

PS: The screenings are available in both Japanese & English Audio – Your choice 🙂

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