Theatre Review: Fever Pitch – The Hope Theatre -31st August – 25th September 2021

Fever Pitch – The Hope Theatre#

Have you heard of the feature film and/or book of the same name written by Nick Hornby? If so, then this is the stage version.

If you’ve not seen the film or read the book it doesn’t matter, I hadn’t previously, I’d just heard about the great reviews of both book and film, so was very excited to see this show.

Although it’s a show about football, in particular Arsenal Football Club, you don’t need to be a football or Arsenal FC fan to enjoy it, it’s about passion and obsession.

The great news is that Arsenal Football Club are supporting this show too and have committed to maintaining existing links with the theatre, and will bring some of the community groups it works with – who might not otherwise have access to arts and culture – into The Hope Theatre to see Fever Pitch.


Adapted by Joel Samuels this show follows 20 years of Arsenal F.C obsessed, Nick and how it impacts on every area of his life


“When you’re in love nothing else matters. You become obsessed. And it can get pretty tricky if that obsessive love is directed towards eleven men wearing the same shirt and running around like idiots for ninety minutes every Saturday…”

Nick – fever pitch
Jack Trueman as Nick in Fever Pitch at The Hope Theatre © Ali Smith

My Thoughts

OK, where do I start?

This show was so creatively directed, by Kennedy Bloomer, with a small talented cast of 4 and very minimal props in a small space.

I applaud them for managing to make us believe that we were at the vast grounds that is Arsenal F.C, the audience is transported from childhood home to university dorms and all with a few tiny set movements and a change of light – it’s genius!

Louise Hoare & Jack Trueman in Fever Pitch at The Hope Theatre © Ali Smith

Jack Trueman is absolutely brilliant as Nick, but to be fair, the other actors were amazing too, successfully portraying different roles throughout, without confusing the audience, particularly Ashley Gerlach, who was hilarious throughout!

 Ashley Gerlach,  Gabrielle MacPherson and Louise Hoare in Fever Pitch at The Hope Theatre – © Ali Smith

The story shows what attitudes to women and football were back in the 1960’s and 70’s and the other related issues, such as the rivalry, the racism, the hooliganism and the violent behaviour that were rife and still, unfortuately exist today in football culture.

It’s a face paced production that keeps you fascinated in the human story weaved in, around the football obsession and family drama.

I truly recommend this show, enjoy the story, the laughs and learn a few football chants and some actual facts about Arsenal Football Club along the way – you may even become a fan, but don’t be like Nick!

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Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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