The People’s Rock – A Musical at The Vault Festival – 24th – 28th January 2018

Nevertheless She are debuting their musical The People’s Rock on the opening night of the Vault Festival.


Meet teenager Tee, she’s living in the year 2050, but the world is not as we know it. There is no democracy, no religion, no internet and Emperor Trumpus is the ruling dictator, but politics doesn’t interest Tee, all she cares about is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, so when he disappears, Tee wakes up and starts to question the world around her.


Cast member Francesca Mintowt in rehearsal

The collective credits of Nevertheless She include theatre, screenwriting, puppetry, musical performance and producing. All these skills have been implemented in this surreal new show.

Have a listen to what ‘The Fairy Rock Mother‘ has to say about this new musical…



Nevertheless She are a collective of female writers collaborating on works for stage and screen. They tell stories across a variety of genres, bringing together different voices, styles and ideas to create something new and exciting. Based in London, they have come together from across the UK and the world to tell stories which connect people and explore the nature of female identity.  The People’s Rock is their debut musical production as Nevertheless She.


Writers – Beth Crane, Tilly Lunken, Ceci Mazzarella, Emma Shaw

Director – Sophie Benefer

Composers – Joshua William Batch, Hedley Knights

Actors – Jiggy Bhore, Francesca Mintowt,  John McEwan-Whyte

Produced by Nevertheless She


Grab ticket fast – tonight is already sold out!

Show Times:

Wednesday 24th January, 19:45

Thursday 25th January, 19:45

Friday 26th January, 19:45

Saturday 27th January, 19:45

Sunday 28th January, 15:15


The Network Theatre is a community theatre space in the underground railway arches of London Waterloo station. Run by the volunteers of the resident Network Theatre Company, they produce their own productions of contemporary and classical theatre and provide a unique location for visiting theatre companies and events. Directions.

This sounds like it will be a very popular show, so get tickets as fast as you can!


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