The One at Soho Theatre – Review – 5th July – 25th August 2018


This show wasn’t exactly as expected!

I wrote a preview of this show, last month which includes my thoughts prior to seeing it read it here

My Thoughts

OK, so moment of truth…This is play is much more serious than I thought it was going to be, I thought it would be a funny depiction of a relationship going downhill.

There were funny moments, shocking moments and some real scary moments, where you are on the edge of your seat not really sure how you feel about what you are watching or where the action is going to lead.

The play is a straight through affair with no interval, running about an hour, there are only 3 characters Jo and Harry (The main couple) and Kerry just pops in every few scenes, changing the dynamic of the scenes.

The set is a typical living room with a sofa, clock etc.. so it’s all quite intimate.

With all this set up, you feel as if you’re in the room with them and I found myself empathising alternatively with each character, in between the arguments, jokes and insults I found myself not really knowing who’s side I was on – due to the reactions and sometimes quite provoking behaviour of each character – I kept changing my mind!

This was quite mentally and emotionally exhausting to be honest, and I wondered why anyone would stay in such a relationship, it was clear that they weren’t really ‘in love’ anymore but wondered about Jo, as her career or financial situation was never mentioned and I wonder if she was sticking with Harry for financial reasons. (Harry being a successful professor and 10yrs older).

There were some difficult scenes and themes covering, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence and abuse. These were played out in a variety of ways throughout the play.

It raised questions about sexual abuse, if the person has asked you to do it but then went too far or if they do something but you don’t try to stop it although you don’t really want it.

Very thought-provoking drama, especially in the current climate of the #MeToo scandals.

Catch it before it ends – definitely worth seeing!


Key information

Venue: Soho Theatre 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE

Dates: Thursday 5th July to Saturday 25th  August 2018

Times: 7.15pm. (75 mins)

Matinees: 3pm – Thursdays and Saturdays

Age: 16yrs + (Scenes of strong sexual nature)

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