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On the first day of the October Half-term, I took my 2 nieces, Mariah, aged 6yrs  & Angel aged 3yrs to see this show and I can honestly say that this children’s musical production is absolutely hilarious for all ages! I wrote a little about this show in my preview – here 

It’s an adaptation of a book of the same name by Nicholas Allen, who we were lucky enough to meet after the show to get a signed copy.

Angel, Mariah & the Author Nicholas Allen

Nicholas was a lovely man, who was happy to discuss my thoughts on the production and even obliged to have his photo taken with my nieces.  🙂

Angel didn’t really know what was going on but Mariah who is older, was starstruck to meet the writer of this fantastic show.

Take a look at the trailer to get a taste of the lively style of the amazing Talegate Theatre performers.


The Story

The story is about a giant’s loo roll that has accidentally fallen into the town below, and how the inhabitants of the town decide to deal with this unfortunate (or fortunate) mishap.

Each character finds a use for this new found material, but in the distance the giant can be heard chanting “Fe Fi Fo Fum, what shall I use to wipe my ….” 😀


The Set

The stage was not large but maximum use was made of all the space available.

The scenery backdrop was made up of;

  • A Tailors Shop
  • An Art Studio
  • The School

The lighting was straightforward with a few dimmer moments when necessary but simple and that made my younger niece, Angel, happier when the lights stayed on.

The giant loo roll was an inflatable masterpiece that bounced into the audience who were mostly screaming and shrieking with pleasure, each little pair of arms trying desperately to catch it, this happened a few times throughout the show and keep the little ones very happy indeed!

The costumes & props were relevant and typical for each character, for example;

The tape measure – Miss Tailor

Traditional Cloak and Gown – Mr School Teacher

Pigtails and School Tie – School Girl



The Cast

This cast were perfect for a children’s show. The standard of acting was great, and the comic timing from each actor was brilliant.

As as dance teacher, it’s so hard not to notice the choreography, lots of disco style dance and plenty of “Jazz hands” but for a kid’s production, I was impressed by the complexity of  some of the longer choreographed numbers.

The dancing, singing and acting were all equally entertaining.

The songs were very catchy too, lyrics like;

“G-I-A-N-T one big happy family!”    “Rip, Snip, Sew, Zip…” and the kid’s favourite “Fe Fi Fo Fum, what can I use to wipe my ….”

My favourite character has got to be Miss French Artist, her attitude, wit and comic timing was just superb!


There is a quite a lot of audience participation in this show – No spoilers but my favourite two instances of this, was during the section with Miss French Artist, she has the audience – adults included, in the palm of her hand, whilst we wonder, what on earth she was going to do next – I’d see the whole show again, just to see this part again – totally hilarious!

My Thoughts

This is one of the best children’s musicals that I’ve seen in a long time, it’s not hard to see why it did so well at the Edinburgh Festival.

My only concern is that the age says, from 2yrs + and my younger niece Angel was a bit scared at first, as she is not used to the environment of a theatre, so had to sit her on my lap for the first 10mins, but as soon as the inflatable loo roll started bouncing into the audience and the interactive songs and dances began she forgot her fears and got into it. By the second half, she was much more comfortable, so just be aware that younger kids may need a bit of time to settle.

I really recommend watching this if you can catch it before it closes, it’s a real treat!


Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams




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