The Boy Downstairs Film – Review – Opens in UK Cinemas – Friday 8th June 2018

Diana (Zosia Mamet) & Ben (Matthew Shear) in The Boy Downstairs Film


Do you love a good “Rom- Com“? That’s Romantic-Comedy for those who didn’t know – If so, read on, if not, keep reading as I may be able to convince you to give this genre a chance.

It’s been a while since i’ve been invited to review this genre of film and to be honest  I was so excited to see it, as this is definitely the type of film I would truthfully run to  the cinema to see on opening weekend if possible.

Lately i’ve reviewed lots of horrors, thrillers and romantic dramas and even comedy-horrors but not a romantic comedy, which I can say, is my favourite type of film – hands down.

I know people who argue that this genre has a predictable formula;

  • Boy meets Girl
  • some conflict thrown in the middle
  • Boy and Girl get together
  • Happily ever after
  • The End.

Well, films are so much more sophisticated with their plot-writing these days, this film starts in the “Some conflict thrown in the middle” – but it’s actually the beginning of the movie –  Top marks for an very intriguing beginning 🙂

Have a peep at the trailer…


The Synopsis

After spending a year in London with her grandmother, Diana (Zosia Memhet) moves back to New York and into a new apartment, all is good until she realises that her ex-boyfriend, Ben (Matthew Shear) lives downstairs in the basement apartment!


What’s a girl to do? It would be rude not to knock and say wouldn’t it – I mean, they are neighbours now…

This film is directed by newbie, Sophie Brooks – What a fantastic debut film –  Go Sophie!

Ben (Matthew Shear) & Diana (Zosia Mamet) in The Boy Downstairs Film

My Thoughts

The script is funny and real, with some real ‘cringe’ moments when I really felt for the characters, especially Diana. Zosia Mamet is perfect for the role, I found her so relatable and normal and very, very funny.

Ben is such a cutie and is so shy and awkward at times, that I just wanted to give him a cuddle and say “It will be OK, don’t worry so much”.

Diana’s landlady, Amy (Deirdre O’Connell) was a lovely friend to her, I really liked her.

The themes running through this film, included;

  • Friendship – the one’s that easily continue, even after years apart                                                                  friendships that blossom even with an age/generation gap & Is it possible to                        be friends with your ex?
  • Relationships – Father & Daughter, Boyfriend & Father in Law.

The main question in my head after watching this film was, how much truth is there in the saying,

“If you love someone, let them go”?

I mean, shouldn’t we be fighting hard for what we want or in this case, who we want or is that just being selfish?

I wonder….

Get down to cinemas this weekend to see this fantastic film with a great cast – A great date night movie or a Girls’ night out film!

Opens in UK Cinemas on Friday 8th June 2018


Chanel x

Chanel Williams


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