Review: The Colourful Greens – Hens & Chickens Theatre – 2nd – 4th May 2019

The Green Family

I’d never heard of this show until I was invited by one of the actors, Annie Knox who played the eldest daughter, Emma Green, whom I met at a Detective Pickachu event a few days prior.

She was so kind to offer me a press ticket to see this dark comedy, not a genre I would usually choose to see, as you know I’m such a musical theatre fangirl, but was open to experiencing something new and broadening my horizons.

I was also excited to be attending a new venue – the Hens & Chickens Theatre in North London, another theatre pub,, I really love that there are so many pubs in London supporting the arts.

Hens & Chickens Theatre, North London

I arrived early, so had time to have my obligatory orange juice in the pub, which was quite full, with many people also waiting for the show.

The Story

Written and directed by the talented Remi Khdor, the show follows the ‘Green’ family with a mix of functional and dysfunctional characters and a few external characters who influence their lives.

We meet Mr Edward Green, who is not content with his marriage to Mrs Sally Green, played by Hetty Nelson who seems quite prim and proper, if not a little boring, but I did feel sorry for her, but I suppose all marriages/relationships go through their ups ‘n’ downs.

Sally’s lapdancing sister, Ruby Gray played by Samantha Tomlin who has an incident at work, which introduces us to the detective Benjamin King played on the night I came by, Andrew Rolfe who is a bored private detective, desperate for some work as business has been slow.

He gets stuck into the investigation, getting the know the various family members along the way.

Mr Green in the opening scene.

My Thoughts

Ok, so this is not my usual genre but the style of storytelling kept me on my toes, we were introduced to various characters via lots of seemingly separate scenes and it took me a while to work out who was related to whom, and how (but that could have just been me!)

After a few scenes each main character’s story had been established, the plot seemed to go full throttle ahead, with twist and turn coming at you from all angles, such a great script that was paced really well.

This play is great if you love fast-paced drama with unpredictable twists and turns that are truly difficult to guess – believe me!

All the cast were fantastic actors, convincing and totally engaging, I absolutely loved Ruby and Mr Green’s gold-digging PA, who’s characters and lines were hilarious!

The actor who played the private detective, Andrew rolfe, was fantastic and at the end of the show, we were informed that he’d stepped into the show at the very last minute to cover – what an absolute star!

Also, I must not forget my friend, Annie Knox, who played Emma Green with real flair and confidence. I practically screamed when her scene arrived and I was in awe of her performance, thinking I wish I could act like that…One day, maybe…? (think i’d better stick to dancing, to be honest!)

The set was kept simple, with enough furniture and props to illustrate the setting with lovely smooth transitions from one scene change to another, anyone that knows me, knows I love a smooth transition, no distraction from scene to scene, I feel it takes away all the magic of theatre.

There is some audience interaction, which is also very funny.

The Colourful Greens Cast and Director at Hens & Chickens Theatre, May 2019

A mix of drama, comedy, mystery and romance with just a touch of ‘gold-digging’ this show will appeal to most who enjoy a good story!

Definitely look out for this show in the future, as I’m sure it will return.

Thanks for reading & a big THANK YOU to Annie and team for the comp ticket ?

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

The Colourful Greens Cast and Director at Hens & Chickens Theatre, May 2019

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