Review: Scenes with Girls at Royal Court Theatre – 15th January 2020 – 22nd February 2020

SCENES WITH GIRLS by Miriam Battye at Royal Court Theatre ; London, UK ; 15 January 2020 ; Credit & copyright: Helen Murray

This play by Miriam Baytte focuses on female friendship.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show, so I went in with an open mind.


Lou and Tosh are best friends & flatmates who are not living by the rules set by society – they are de-programming.

Why should they find a man, settle down, get married and have some kids just because society says they should?

No, they are working out how to do this thing called “life” without the need of a man or the pressures that society places on girls/women to fulfill them.

Lou & Fran in SCENES WITH GIRLS by Miriam Battye. Credit & copyright: Helen Murray

Lou (Rebekah Murrell), and Tosh (Tanya Reynolds) are creating their lifestyle, they will forego relationships with men as it distracts from the importance of their female friendship in which they regard each other much higher than any man possibly could – that should work?

Noone wants to end up like Little Mix Song….

The problem is, their friend, Fran (Letty Thomas) has just announced that she’s engaged to her boyfriend…

Fran in SCENES WITH GIRLS by Miriam Battye Credit & copyright: Helen Murray

My Thoughts

Well, those who know me well, know that I do love a feminist play, so was intrigued to see how the narrative of this show would pan out.

Firstly, be aware that the play is exactly what it says on the tin – a variety of scenes, with girls lounging about and chatting about boys, sex and their disgust of all those living by societies norms.

Each scene started/ended with Charli XCX’s Boys song, so as we time-skipped along (not that far ahead to be confusing), but far enough to know it was another day.

The set was very effective, quite bare, with a carpeted square area and steps with a toilet/bathroom in centre back area – I was delighted to see it had running taps – I love this kind of realism in theatre, it know it can’t be just me, anyway, big “thumbs up” for that ?

The audience sat in the round.

SCENES WITH GIRLS by Miriam Battye. Credit & copyright: Helen Murray

To be honest, I found Lou’s stories of her male conquests to be tiresome, and it was clear the Tosh felt the same, especially as she was not dating, so not to get “trapped” into the societal narrative, she was too busy writing her thesis on the subject.

I yo-yo’d from sympathising with Tosh for having to endure Lou’s seemingly endless stories and bragging about her sexual conquests and then feeling sorry for Lou for having to put up with Tosh’s dependency on their friendship.

Their friendship really had a weird dynamic to it.

Then when Fran visits, Tosh turned into frenemy/mean girl type, especially when she’s left out of conversations and in-jokes by Tosh, but Lou tried her best to rail her in and support Fran.

It was reminiscent of bullying at secondary school, how this still continues into adulthood, but just in a more polite way.

The pair question Fran on her motives for marriage and settling down…and why? Poor Fran, I did feel for her.

All in all, the questions the show brings up are thought-provoking and the script is hilarious at times, although at some bits it is very intense, which apart from great writing, is a credit to the 3 brilliant actresses.

Particularly Rebekah Murrell who is hypnotosing as Lou.

Have a listen to them discuss their excitement for the show.

The only problem is that the questions it raised, didn’t seem to get answered in my opinion, it did show how difficult life is, if you’re living in your own bubble or as the girls called it – creating a new narrative,

I’m all for feminism and I truly don’t need a man, but I really don’t think we are forced to enter into marriage (like the old days), I was a single mother with 1 son, and have felt far more pressure from other women to have more children than I ever have from society telling me to get married and become a Little Mix Song ?

Thought provoking and entertaining, so definitely worth buying a ticket to see – with your girlfriends of course x

Performance Dates and Times & Tickets

Venue: Royal Court Theatre, Jerwood Upstairs, Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AS

Dates: 15th February 2020 – 22nd February 2020

Mon – Sat: 7.45pm (except 21 Jan 7pm)
Thu & Sat mats: 3pm (from 23 Jan) M

Captioned: Fri 31 Jan, 7, 14 & 21 Feb 7.45pm

Relaxed Environment: Sat 15 Feb 3pm

Running time: 80 minutes with no interval and no re-admission

Tickets: £15 – £25

Ticket Office:  020 7565 5000 or  Royal Court Theatre Box Office 

Running time: 80 mins (no interval)



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