Review: Amelie: The Musical – The Criterion Theatre – Thursday 20th May – Saturday 25th September 2021

Amelie The Musical Poster Audrey Brisson as Amelie – © Matt Crockett

This show has been on my bucket list to see for a while now, and although I’ve never seen the award-winning film, I have heard so many good things about this show.

Amélie, played by the delightful, Olivier Award nominated Audrey Brisson is a dreamer, who does her best to help those around her to achieve their dreams, but is reluctant to pursue her own.

Amelie The Musical – Pamela Raith Photography

The synopsis

Amélie, is an only child of loving parents, born in France in 1975, although her father could be more “hands on”, he loves her and instructs her mother to home-school her as he is worried for her health.

We follow her life as a young woman in her early 20’s, who is finding her place in the world, whilst learning the meaning of human connections, happiness and love.

All the cast, act, sing and play instruments – they are super-talented – Check out the trailer here…

Amélie – The Musical Trailer – London 2021

My Thoughts

It truly is astonishing the level to which they all act, sing and play instruments, from Cellos and Flutes to Violins and Pianos – how they remember their lines, staging and choreography whilst playing an instrument – then let’s not forget, remembering to perform! – They are all supertalented, true professionals and as a fellow performer, have ultimate respect for the ease in which they do it.

Amelie The Musical Pamela Raith Photography

The puppet work at the beginning of the show, is so good, I don’t normally like puppets in shows, but this was done so well, s realistically and with so much humour.

The script is funny and relatable and the pacing of the show is good – no boring bits to report, here!

Although I haven’t seen the film version (which I know will do), so I can’t compare the 2, but can’t wait to watch the film version now.

The set is not so big, but my goodness do they utilise the space they do have extremely well, I love that the transitions from scene to scene were a smooth mix of choreography, song and sometimes clever movement of furniture – never distracting from the story.

Amelie The Musical – Pamela Raith Photography

A great show with good songs – no need to see the film prior, either, but you’ll want to, if you haven’t, after you see the musical version.

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