Rendez – vous Scratch Night by Bashir Productions at Etcetera Theatre – Review

I found out about this show at  pretty much the last minute, the invitation read, Rendez-vous: A Scratch Night full of talent, and the first thought was… “What an earth is a Scratch Night?”

After a quick google search…

Scratch Night is an evening designed to give artists the opportunity to ‘test’ out their material on a live audience. Artists will have 20 minutes during which they will perform their act to a live audience.

I got the idea of the format and looked forward to an evening of a variety of talent.

On arrival, I quickly managed to say ‘Hello’ to the lovely Mimi Bashir,  who is the Artistic Director, Chair & Founder of Bashir Productions just before the show began.

I’d never been to the Etcetera Theatre before, it’s another of those Pub Theatre venues, I really do think that these Pub Theatres are a real productive use of space.

Etcetera Theatre – Outdoors


Etcetera Theatre – Interior


The audience and I were treated to a lovely mix of Songs, Monologues, Scenes, Comedy and Spoken Word.


My Thoughts

All the pieces had very interesting themes, from Domestic Abuse to Coming Out, there was definitely to suit everyone’s taste.

Here are my thoughts about my favourite pieces;

Instant Human (Short play) written by Lennon Target – Performed by Arghierenia Kyrimi and Joseph Prestwich – This was a great opening piece, the cast gave a really gripping performance. The scene dealt with relationship themes, particularly, breaking up and arguments. The main question asked was, “Is Love enough?”

Searching for Love (Spoken Word) written and performed by Dior Clarke – I was absolutely blown away by this performance. Everything from the way it was spoken, choreographed, costumed took you on a journey from a young boy growing up, the agony of his father and role model leaving, the peer pressure from the other boys in the “endz”, the stereotypes of being a “real man” and what real men do and how they should feel. This is a real tale of self-discovery and acceptance. I didn’t want this one to end, it was just brilliant! 🙂

Mum’s Cooking (Monologue) written by Vivian C. Lermond – Performed by Ellie Gill – A really touching piece, with a bit of humour about what her mother lacked in cookery skills, she made up for by feeding her culture and life lessons. A reminder that Parents are not perfect but they usually pass on some useful knowledge 🙂

Lady Amelia (Monologue) written by Mimi Malaz Bashir – Performed by Julia Bentley – This was an amazing script, so funny and witty about the rise of a servant girl to the status of a Lady. Absolutely hilarious! 😀

Happy Anniversary (Short Play) written by Vivian C. Lermond – Performed by Robin Blell and Natasha Edwards. – Another laugh out loud scene, so funny watching a couple in a restaurant on their 7th Wedding Anniversary taking us on a rollercoaster ride – Amazing acting too. Loved it and wished it were longer <3

Other Girls (Monologue) written by Arghierenia Kyrimi – Performed by Joy Waldron – A brilliantly executed piece about how females are stereotyped by society into 2 groups – Virgins & Sluts and we all need to stop the culture of some women putting down other women to feel superior – Great message and fantastic acting.

Grossly in Love (Spoken Word) written & performed by Hannah Hughs – A touching and funny piece that will make anyone smile. About how love makes us do, say, act and put up with many things that we wouldn’t normally tolerate – Real food for thought.

Failure (Monologue) written & performed by Mimi Malaz Bashir – Really emotional piece about a drama student’s dream being crushed. This piece had me in tears as the story unfolded, I couldn’t help but feel the pain that was being portrayed, real tear-jerker. Great acting!

This is just a list of my personal favourite pieces from the Rendez-Vous Scratch night but all the pieces were good, it was lovely to see a mix of male and female actors of all nationalities come together to produce an amazing night of entertainment.

Now that I know what a “Scratch Night” entails, thanks to Mimi at Bashir Productions, I will be sure to be attend and report on more in the future.


Bashir Productions are performing The Falconsbridge School for Girls  at The Lion and Unicorn as part of The Camden Fringe 2018. Click here for tickets of more details

Click the link if you wish to find out more about Bashir Productions 

Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams


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