Network of Independent Critics Open Applications for Edingburh Fringe 2017!

EXCITING NEWS…for all independent Journalists, Critics and Bloggers who focus on the arts – Read on.

After a successful 2016, the Network of Independent Critics have opened applications for 2017, to help fund those who wish to cover the amazing array of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

The support includes;

Providing accommodation for independent critics to cover Edinburgh Festival Fringe without breaking the bank.
• Enabling increased media coverage of niche interest and emerging work, which struggles to find representation in the mainstream press.
• Not a publishing platform, but a support system for established and developing critics who work independently for little or no pay.
• Participants will be selected based on passion, knowledge and a proven track record within their chosen area of the performing arts industry

This video from 2016 explains the concept and a little bit of history too.

What a fantastic idea!

I really wanted to attend the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last summer, but the cost was just too high, but have been working on attending this year, so will be applying to this for sure 🙂

If, like the video says, you have a special interest & focus on dance, BAME, Female – Led productions, LGBTQ etc.. why not apply for this wonderful opportunity?

DEADLINE: Applications open today until 9th April & successful applicants will be notified on 17th April 2017.


Not sure if you’re classed as an independent?

Well, Co-Founder of NIC, Katherine Kavanagh clarifys, “By ‘independent’, we mean mean someone who produces arts criticism unsalaried, and maintains their own platform for doing so – although they needn’t be producing content for this outlet exclusively’.

Katherine runs the UK’s only dedicated Circus Critique publication

If you feel that you fit the role – Apply now to be considered.

Good Luck!

Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams


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