KIDZ BOP UK – Album Launched – April 2017 – Got Your Copy Yet?

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to meet the very talented fun launch of the KIDZ BOP Album – An album sung for kids by kids 🙂

Meet The KIDZ BOP Members

Ashton, Max, Twinkle and Lois – This talented four, all sing and dance to a professional standard, considering they are only 12 years old, except Twinkle, who is the baby of the group, at 11yrs old.

The album features lots of fun up-to-date pop songs but sung in a kid-friendly way.

As a dancer myself, I also love watching the KIDZ BOP UK Videos on Youtube, so then I get to the see the fantastic dance routines they perform with their songs.

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As you can see from the video, these kids are so talented, with loveable personalities.

After teaching some very lucky kids a dance routine to “Shout Out To My Ex”, assisted by one of their choreographers, (I admit, I couldn’t resist but jump in and learn a little bit of the dance too, Lol 😀 )

The KIDZ BOP Dance Class

We got a chance to have a lovely chat with them during the Press Conference section of the launch.

The KIDZ BOP Press Launch – Interview Table

Twinkle – is such a sweety, so adorable & friendly, she’s obsessed with everything Ariana Grande 🙂

Max – is so sweet, he’s a funny kid who loves MJ, seems like the practical joker of the group 😀

Lois – is adorable, she’s like watching a mini beyonce in the making, really talented and so friendly.

Ashton – is too sweet for words, he’s so chilled & laid back, a he loves Usher.


The KIDZ BOP – Press Launch – Interview Time!

I will post a full interview soon, so that you can get to know these lovely talented kids better.

After questions, we were invited to take some fun photos with the quartet, who were obviously professionals when it comes to taking a good photo! I mean look at those faces – professionals! 🙂

L-R: Max, Twinkle, Chanel (Me), Ashton & Lois

These kids are so much fun to be around, believe me – their personalities shine through the songs on their album and during their performances.

The album has 22 tracks, with so many favourites, from One Dance to Sorry, from Shake it Off to Stitches – Grab your copy now – Click here to go the KIDZ BOP website for the links and more details.

I hope you enjoy the album! Don’t forget to check out the  KIDZ BOP UK Youtube Channel too 😉

More from KIDZ BOP soon!

Chanel 🙂



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  • 20/05/2017 at 12:17 am

    What a talented bunch of kids! 🙂


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