Horror Horror – Scratch Night by Bashir Productions at Ecetera Theatre – Review

I received an invitation to review this scratch night by Bashir Productions called, Horror Horror in celebration of Halloween. Those of you who know me or read this blog regularly, will already know 2 things;

  1. I was, until very recently a scratch night newbie


2. Bashir Productions introduced me to the whole concept in July 2018 – you can read about that here

I was very excited to be attending a Halloween themed scratch night, but I was a bit worried that it may be too scary?? ?‍♀️ I am a bit of a baby…but getting better.


My Thoughts

The show promised to be a mix of songs, poetry, comedy and drama and it delivered, from ghosts to witches and everything inbetween it was entertaining throughout – but then, this is Bashir Productions so i’m not surprised.

The set was minimal, so to match each new piece, just a few ghost themed balloons on the blacked out stage with a couple of folded chairs against the wall for future scenes with a Happy Halloween banner above. The lighting was simple but effective in creating the spooky mood.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces;

In Short from Edges (Song ) by Ben Pasek & Justin Paul. Performed by Beatrice Mori – This was such a funny song performed so well. Beatrice started of the performance so innocently then as the song got more lively, her fantastic facial expressions had myself and most of the audience in stitches ? Very entertaining.

Losing You (Song) written & performed by Sophie Wichmann – An original song, sang acapella. Lovely singing voice and tone – impressive.

Porphyria’s Lover (Poem) by Richard Browning performed by Joy Waldron – This was a really gripping and captivating performance – amazing.

Good Witch, Bad Witch by Vivien C. Lermond performed by Tori Lau – Funny and very entertaining piece that was boldly performed with total conviction – brilliant.

A Vampire’s Dilemma written & performed by Nathalia Campbell-Smith – Brilliant piece about a vampire with dating problems, the trouble is, she looks 27yrs old  but is actually 300yrs old whose sex life is also suffering due to her love of “biting” – totally hilarious. Loved the concept, written and performed so well. Loved it.

Oh God, Remember Me written by Joy Waldron & performed by Bridget Benstead – This was probably the scariest piece for me, by far! I actually felt a chill, whilst listening to how Bridget portrayed a buried girl who was aware of her rotting flesh in her coffin and what happens when she is dug up unexpectedly 7 years after her death. Performed with so much conviction that I had to remind myself that it is not real, as I was truly starting to feel scared. Great writing and amazing performance – wow!

Mother, I’m a Werewolf! written by Joy Waldron & performed by Tori Lau and Emma True – This was another well written piece, I would have loved it to go on longer to be honest (a full length play, maybe) ? It was a teenage girl explaining the strange thing that had happen to her last night, it was well performed by both actresses and so believable.

This was the final piece in the show and they ended on a high, leaving myself and i’m sure the rest of the audience wanting more.


Regardless of the theme, Bashir productions certainly know how to curate an amazing scratch night, there was definitely something for everyone in this mix and the talent for writing and performance is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what this exciting company are going to come up with next!

Find out more about Bashir Productions here

Thanks for reading!


Chanel Williams


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