Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs at The Peacock Theatre – Review – 23rd October – 10th November 2018

Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs at The Peacock Theatre – October 2018  Photo: Chris Richardson

When I first heard that this show was returning to London’s West End, I was smiled in reminiscence of my younger self who saw this show back when I was a trainee dancer at the tender age of 19 ☺

It was a joyful memory, one of my best friends and room mate at the time, Davina was turning 18yrs old, she’d chosen to go to the theatre for her birthday, with her mum and myself – she chose to see Tap Dogs as it was a new show that we both hadn’t seen. I remember it being very good indeed, so I hoped that this time around, many years later, that this show would be as good as I remembered…..

I’m pleased to say, that it did not disappoint!


Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs Performers: Douglas Mills and Richie Miller Photo: Ralf Brinkhoff

My Thoughts

This show was pure thrills and excitement from start to finish – The opening was fantastic, we (the audience) were immersed in darkness when flashlight torches came flashing on – it was visually perfect and totally hypnotizing!

It’s not a straightforward Tap dance show, where it’s pure choreography, although there are some lovely choreographed Tap rhythms performed throughout, the show is structured into many scenes, each with their own narrative, with some really hilarious moments.

I loved that we got to know each dancer’s personality throughout the show,  and

There was some very clever choreography with some real surprising elements added, that were pure genius (and as a Tap dance teacher I may borrow some of their ideas) ? (No spoilers here!)

The dancers are really talented, it was great that they weren’t such stiff dancers, and they used their upper body almost as much as their feet – they really danced – it was fun to watch them compete and show off their skillset and various styles.


The musicians were drummer girls, who looked like sisters, (but may not have been), they were fantastic to watch as well as listen to. They performed with such flair and energy and amazing smiles that I was glad that they were given a small section of the show to be highlighted on the mainstage, rather than stuck up in the upper back area. They were such fun!

Great to see the contrast of an all male dance show teaming up with all female musicians.


A massive shout-out to whoever arranged the transitions in this show – they weren’t just seamless – they were absolutely entertaining! You really need to see this for yourself, the set is made up of various construction type poles, ladders, steps, wooden blocks, metal platforms etc… but you are so busy being entertained that it takes a few seconds to sink in that the whole set had been changed in front of your eyes, but you actually didn’t realise.


Probably the best lighting i’ve seen in a show in a very long time. It’s like nightclub meets magical building site. The lighting is such fun, totally complementing the rhythms, antics and movements of the dancers and drummer girls, it was a really integral part of the show – making some amazing affect.


Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs Photo: Chris Richardson

Try to see this show if you love Tap dance with a twist or you fancy something unique or simply wish to be entertained – you won’t be disappointed.


Performance Dates and Times & Tickets

Venue: The Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, WC2A 2HT

Dates: Tuesday 23 October – Saturday 10 November 2018

Performances: Tue – Sat at 7.30pm, Sat at 2.30pm, Sun at 2pm & 6pm

Tickets: £15 – £45

Ticket Office: 020 7863 8222 or


Hope you enjoy the show!

Chanel ☺

Chanel Williams

Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs at The Peacock Theatre  – Photo: Ralf Brinkhoff

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