COCO – New Disney/Pixar Film Review – Opens in UK Cinemas 19th January 2018

This film is a true family movie, when I was invited to see the preview screening I quickly had a look at the trailer to see what this new Pixar/Disney collaboration was about.

On first impression it seemed to be about a boy who was banned from playing music by his family, who ends up going on a fun looking adventure, I knew my niece and nephew would love it, but as an adult, I didn’t think I would get into it as much as I did.

Anyhow, take a look at the trailer for yourself…


We are introduced to Miguel and his family, who run a shoe making factory/shop. Miguel assists his family by shoe shining in the town centre. His family assume that Miguel will inherit the family business one day and are eager to teach him more advanced skills.

But, Miguel has a secret passion – MUSIC!

His family believe that music is cursed and want no music near them – very difficult for a wannabe music star! 🙁


The family are preparing for the ‘Night of the Dead’ festival, and we learn more about Miguel’s family who have passed on.

The same night, Miguel hears about a talent contest in the town square, which he is desperate to enter, as he has been secretly teaching himself the guitar, like his favourite idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. 

Miguel sets off to prepare for the talent contest and ends up finding himself in a whole new world, hanging out with his ancestors, in the ‘Land of the Dead’ and we go off on an adventure with him as he finds out the meaning of family, fighting for what you believe in and keeping memories alive 🙂


This film was quite emotional at times, as it makes you think about your own family. My 4 yr old niece, Angel, just about coped with the length of the film, and I did see my 8yr old nephew, Jamie jump a little at a few exciting moments.


My niece, Angel and my nephew, Jamie at the COCO Preview at the Picturehouse Central Cinema.

The animation is so bright and colourful, the bright colour scheme is the perfect antidote to the dull, grey January days.

Go see it – don’t forget the little ones!


Chanel 🙂

Chanel Williams

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