Camden Fringe Review: Forbidden Fruit A Flavour Has by ICNH Company at The Cockpit

Forbidden Fruit a Flavour Has – ICNH Theatre Company – Camden Fringe 2018

What an intriguing title this show has, and after reading the synopsis on the Camden Fringe website I was excited to see it.

A devised theatre piece that utilises grotesque and surreal elements while being darkly comedic and reflective. Through this unique stylisation, we explore the issue of sexual harassment pervading our society, and its effect on the liberation of female sexuality.

I found the opening of this show a little confusing at first but then the concept of the “apple” became very clear as the show continued.

The show is a series of various scenarios where a woman is either being bullied, taken advantage or abused. This is portrayed mainly by movement, body language and not much dialogue, but the message is still clear – how clever…

There is a powerful scene which stood out, an ensemble of 5 women, moving in choreographed unison repeating a motif with a mix of lunges, kneeling and laying on their back whilst dialogue is being played with some of the following quotes;

“Please tell me” “It really doesn’t concern you” “It really doesn’t hurt anymore”

The play also touches on the themes of blame as well as consent. The advertisement scenes were absolutely hilarious and one of my favourite scenes in the play as they were light-hearted and so funny, performed excellently by the talented cast, although the subject matter was very serious I laughed so hard at the ridiculous hilarity of the viewpoint and then stopped to think that there are actually some people in the world who believe that women are to blame for being harrassed by men.

They believe that we “ask for it”and  we should dress differently, not go out late, change our habits and lifestyle to not tempt any sexual advances towards us…. ?

In these AD scenes we are encouraged to buy various anti- harassment clothing – (No Pussy -Grabbing Guaranteed! is the tag line). All the ads are ended with the wording “Don’t ask for it – Dress for it” Let’s pray this won’t be the state of the fashion industry in years to come…

The show even opened my eyes to the plight of our tomboy ladies, who must feel safe from unwanted attention, but no, not even they are safe from men who don’t know how to treat them.

This show was a fantastic mix of theatre, dance and comedy that blended well together to convey the state of female harassment in this #MeToo generation of women finally speaking out and uniting as one voice against this sad state of affairs, plays like this will help take the message to a wider audience, opening minds and educating more girls about what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Great show, educational and entertaining.

Thanks so much to ICNH Company for inviting me and I hope you all had a wonderful Camden Fringe 2018 

Thanks for reading!

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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