Beat Post-Holiday Blues with My Top 10 Theatre & Dance Shows for September 2019

Now that summer is sadly drawing to an end, families return from annual holidays, the kids return to school and the evenings start to darken earlier, but the good news is that the London theatre scene is glowing with so many gems to keep us from the post-holiday blues.

Check out my 12 recommendations of the shows you must check out this month, there is a mix of plays, musicals and dance, so you’re sure to find your something that suits your taste.

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1. Fame The Musical – Peacock Theatre

WOW! That’s what I said, when I found out that this show would be coming back to London ? I have LOVED Fame since I was about 7 years old and i’m sure this show had a huge influence in my choosing to become a dancer and then subsequently a dance teacher/choreographer.

Apparently, this is to celebrate the show’s 30th Anniversary, which makes me feel so old, as the 1980’s feel not THAT long ago, surely? ?

Starring the amazingly talented, Mica Paris, Jorgie Porter (Teresa from Hollyoaks) Yes, I’m a huge Hollyoaks fan and Keith Jack the cast reeks of talent.

Have a look at the show trailer – I cannot wait to see this show!

Review coming soon…

2. Falsetto – The Other Palace – Tue 3rd September – Sat 23rd November 2019

This exciting Tony Award winning musical has it’s European premiere straight from Broadway to London! A story about a gay man called Marvin, his wife, his son, his lover and his lesbian neighbours with a backdrop of the AIDS crisis.

I’ve heard lots about this show and the music sounds brilliant, so quite excited to see this, also The Other Palace Theatre is one of my favourite theatres in London, I love the layout and atmosphere here and the location is so central, near to Victoria Station. I haven’t been to as many shows as I’d like to here, so I am looking forward to my visit here.

Meet the cast here…

Review coming soon…

3. Typical – Soho Theatre – 3rd – 28th September 2019

This one man play written by Ryan Calais Cameron and performed by Richard Blackwood (best known as Vincent in Eastenders) is a portrayal of the issues that black men experience day to day in Britain today.

Based on a tragic true story, featuring real-life footage of an explicit and sensitive nature, it highlights the crisis of identity we are currently experiencing in the UK today.

This topic is very timely and I hope to get a ticket to review this one, before it ends.

4. Chiaroscuro – Bush Theatre – 3rd September – 5th October 2019

This show looks very interesting indeed…but first let’s discuss the title name “ChiarOscuro” which is pronounced – “KEY-AR-A-SKORO” according to google and means – as written on the Bush Theatre website;

Chiaroscuro: (noun) the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.

I love that more plays are written for and/or casting female leads of colour these days, it’s so nice to have a variety of shows that reflect society from all it’s viewpoints – I feel that theatre really has stepped it up a level in the past 4 years that I have been reviewing and blogging about shows and this play is a classic example of this trend.

It also has brought a much more diverse audience to theatres too, as I feel that a certain demographic of theatre-lovers feel more welcome and those who may have thought that the theatre was not for them, realise that there are shows that pique their interest.

Written by Jackie Kay, the play focuses on relationships and friendships, the setting starts at a dinner party where a few truths are revealed.

Have a peek at the trailer here…

Review coming soon…

5. Zeus on The Loose – Fire Nightclub – 27th September – 2nd November 2019

Who doesn’t love the circus? Well this show promises to be a blend of Circus, Burlesque, Theatre, Cabaret and Dance with the concept of the mythical Greek Gods.

The best bit is, that’s it’s an ADULT ONLY show – yes, circus fun for adults.

Written and directed by Emma Rollason and choreographed by the lovely and talented Allie Ho Chee, who I had the pleasure of working with, many moons ago, I believe it will be a fantastic show – if you don’t believe me, have a look at this jaw-dropping trailer…

I hope to be able to review this show when it opens too.

6. Dolls House – Lyric Hammersmith – 6th September – 5th October 2019

I am a big fan of Henrik Ibsen plays after being introduced to them at university. A Doll’s House is one of my absolute favourites, so it will be interesting to see this adaptation.

Another show with a leading lady of colour with female direction, this play, written by Tanika Gupta and directed by Rachel O’Riordan, tells the story from the perspective of a Bengali woman, Niru (Anjana Vasan), who is married to her British Colonial bureaucrat husband, Tom (Elliot Cowan).

Here is a clip of actress Anjana Vasan taking about the play…

I hope to be able to see this show to review.

7. Ordinary Days – The Cockpit Theatre – 17th – 21st September 2019

This musical is definitely in my top 3 favourite musicals of all time, as I have to see it every chance I get. If I manage to see this show, I will be watching my 4th cast, I love seeing the different takes on this show, that only has a small cast and can be performed so creatively with a minimal set.

This show requires an fantastic vocal range in order to perform in it, as it is non-stop singing, the songs are really good too.

My last review for this show is here

So happy to see it come back again, and the Cockpit Theatre is so close to home for me, so I will definitely try to catch it’s limited run.

8. Heartbeat of Home – Piccadilly Theatre – 4th September – 13th October 2019

Any show made by the producers of Riverdance is worth seeing (in my humble opinion, of course) I’m a huge fan of the Riverdance shows and was so excited to see that they have a new show, Heartbeat of Home.

This show promises a mix of Irish, Hip Hop and Latin dance styles amongst others including Afro-cuban, so it sounds like it will appeal to a mass audience.

There are also original songs, for us musical theatre fans, written by Joseph O’Connor.

The show features 33 dancers from around the world too, so you know each one is bringing a unique flavour to the stage, sounds like an amazing show.

Here’s the trailer…

Really hope to catch this show before it ends!

9. Big The Musical – Dominion Theatre – 6th September – 2nd November 2019

I’m told this is a fun musical version of the 1988 film that I love so much, so really want to see this!

Starring Jay McGuiness, Wendi Peters, Matthew Kelly and the lovely Kimberley Walsh is choreographed and directed by Morgan Young, so it’s sure to be a good show.

Check out the trailer here…

Need to see this one with my sisters I think, they’d love it too ?

10. Breakin’ Convention Presents… – Lilian Baylis Studio – 27th & 28th September 2019

This show is celebration of all things Breakdance and Hip Hop. Breakin Convention is highly respected in the dance industry and is known for showcasing creative breakdance and hip hop performances from breakdancers from across the globe.

This year features the return of 1mm Au Dessus Du Sol (1mm above the floor) from French choreographer Yaman Okur in collaboration with Sébastien Lefrançois and Traffic De Styles.

The show also features jazz pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven who is also collaborating with Yaman Okur to create music, illusions and more.

The great thing about Breakin Convention’s is that there is always extra workshops and activities for all ages going on at Sadlers Wells to really get you into the Hip Hop vibe. See the official website for up to date details.

Here is a clip of the Breakin Convention Festival at Sadlers Wells in May 2019 to get an idea of the styles represented…

I hope you’ve found a few shows that appeal to you, have a lovely September.

Reviews are on the way!

Thanks for reading.

Chanel x

Chanel Williams

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